We are always interested in answering all of your questions.  Our FAQ’s below answer most of the questions we receive.  If you have further questions feel free to call. 

Call 702-726-0400

Pregnant women should not fly. Children under ten years of age need to be pre-approved and additional waiver signed by parents. The uniqueness of our balloon system is, if you have the capability to walk into the basket and stand for at least an hour you can fly. If you are in a wheelchair and are comfortable with sitting for at least an hour you can fly. Our system was designed to support those who may have any physical restrictions that in the past kept them from experiencing the JOY of Ballooning! If you have any additional questions about your ability to fly please call 702-726-0400 with your concerns.

Wear clothes for being outside. We encourage you to wear long pants or shorts. Flat closed toed shoes are best for our desert landscape. Taller guests may want to wear a hat as you are closer to the burner and it can get a little warm. Dress in layers, although, the temperature is similar to being on the ground it always nice to be able to remove layers if you get too warm.

We usually fly on the west side of Las Vegas, NV where we experience maximum viewing of the gorgeous Spring Mountains, Red Rock National Park and the beautiful Las Vegas Strip and City. Launch sites can vary depending on the weather and occasion.

We never know the exact spot of where we are going to land, but don’t worry! Our Flight Crews are in constant radio communication with our pilots, and will find us and return us safely back to our starting point. It is all a part of the adventure!

The uniqueness of our basket allows us to create specialized flights. We can accommodate up to six passengers. Private flights are available for your special occasion. Wheelchair flights are limited to one wheelchair and four passengers.

In the event of inclement weather, we will offer you the chance to reschedule for another day, please select a backup day. We always suggest making your reservations for one of the earliest days of your stay, so that if we do have to cancel, you may have a second or later day available. If the weather is bad on all of the days you are here, or you only have one day, of course there is no charge!

Yes. Reservations are required. However, if you have not made reservations, please feel free to call to see if there is availability the day you wish to fly. Remember that flights take off in the early morning usually within a half hour of sunrise. Wheelchair flights require additional crew, advanced reservations are necessary so that your experience is everything you desire.

Balloon rides are scheduled in the early morning. We usually meet 30 to 45 minutes before sunrise,  The night before your flight you will receive a confirmation text or email  with the exact meeting time and location. We offer flights year round always weather permitting.

In the cooler fall and winter months when the weather allows we will schedule afternoon flights. There is a very high cancellation ratio. Call 702-0726-0400 for further information. 

Our usual launch area is approximately 7 miles west of the Strip. However our pilots make the final choice of where to launch based on the actual weather conditions just prior to flight time. Your prior night’s text or email will confirm the EXACT meeting time and place. 

Typically we will fly anywhere from 3 to 15 miles in an hour, depending on our wind speed and direction. We can climb anywhere from the surface to 3,500 feet above the ground as we maneuver toward potential landing sites before touchdown.

The whole balloon ride experience takes approximately 2 to 3 hours from start to finish. Our average flight time is approximately 1 hour. Safety and weather are the flight deciding factors.

Launch, flight, landing and post flight ceremony.  No “crew experience” here. (You are not asked to pack away the balloon after flying)

Ballooning is smooth and quiet. There is no feeling of turbulence to affect your stomach, as we move with the wind, and not against it as with flying in an airplane. If you already feel comfortable in an airplane then you should be just fine. We have never had to land early to soothe someone’s fear of heights but we can if we needed.

Balloons drift with the wind. Your pilot can control their direction by changing altitude and using the varying winds. Relying on nature’s winds allows for each flight to be different and unique!

Hot air balloons use propane for fuel. Just like the propane used in barbecue grills. However the burner system in a hot air balloon gives off much more heat. Up to 34,000,000 BTU!

Yes. Each pilot is required to pass a written, oral and flight test given by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In addition, our pilots attend annual safety seminars and bi-annual flight reviews to keep their skills current. Our balloons meet or exceed FAA flight standards and are inspected every 100 hours or one year whichever comes first to ensure airworthiness.

Our flagship balloons is the  newest state of the art American made balloon system in the southwest. It offers the maximum safety features of any ride balloon in Nevada. In addition it is the only easy access basket that allows for those with mobility issues to gracefully enter the basket. For those in wheelchairs we have a locking system for security and a panoramic viewing panel allows for greater visibility.

All passengers are required to sign a waiver prior to the flight. We ask that you claim responsibility for any health issues that would render this sport inadvisable. Due to insurance regulations, we are unable to fly pregnant women or any person with physical limitations that would render this form of entertainment inadvisable.

Your voucher is a ticket to ride not a specific date. Although we schedule you for a flight date ballooning is a very weather dependent sport. If flight conditions are unacceptable we will reschedule for a better date. The pilot reserves the right to shorten or cancel any flight if weather or flight conditions cause safety issues or potential hazards.

It’s always our intention to provide passengers with a wonderful experience however, the pilot reserves the right to deny any passenger flight, if that passenger poses a potential risk to themselves or to the other passengers; for example, being intoxicated, or not disclosing health issues or approximate weight.

The balloon’s lift capabilities vary with outside temperature. Therefore we request approximate weights of our Guests. This knowledge will serve to insure that we book the balloon properly and avoid potential unnecessary embarrassment.

If you are more than 15 minutes late or do not show up at the scheduled meeting time you will be charged the full amount for the type of flight booked. Any cancellation made needs to be done 48 hours in advance, in order to redeem your voucher at a later time. If you do not cancel in advance you forfeit your ticket and will not be refunded.

If you have any questions as to the advisability of a flight, please feel free to contact us at 702-726-0400

Our flagship balloon cost the equivalent of the average house in 1985! over  $100,000. Add to that the supporting equipment of a chase vehicle, trailer, fans, cart, ropes and accessories our equipment investment is over twice the balloon cost. Now add crew, crew training, insurance and fuel costs, propane and gasoline, and the post flight celebration and momentos, everything adds up quickly. We know that you can get a balloon almost anywhere, maybe cheaper, but our vision is to provide our Guests a special lifetime experience. To that end we make no excuses in providing a quality product for a fair price.  Not the biggest, just the best!