LTA or UAS Training : Ground School, Flight training, Flight Reviews

Pilot training is available for LTA,(ballooning) and UAV, (drone) pilots.

Love is in the Air Ballooning’s Chief Pilot has over 400 hours of training experience and is your best choice for an instructor to earn your private pilot’s certificate or upgrading to a commercial certificate.

He has trained at both FAA certified flight schools (141) and private one on one instruction (61). With over 1,900 hours as pilot in command, flying both nationally and internationally, he has enjoyed piloting over 75 different styles of balloons from the small Cloudhoppers® to the larger than life Special Shape Space Shuttle he has the knowledge and experience you require.

Drone operators needing UAV (107) certificates we hold quarterly weekend prep classes for the aeronautical knowledge written test.

If you are interested in getting you UAV remote pilot certificate email us for current class and rates.

LTA Ground School

This is an 8 or 16 hour "Iron Butt" LTA ground school. Everything you will need to know to successfully pass your written test. Includes lots of references and take aways. Group discounts available

LTA Flight Training

learn to fly hot air balloons. Private and Commercial ratings available. Instructions is provided under 14 CFR 61. Instructor have over 400 hours of instruction experience teaching under 14 CFR 61 & 141.

UAS "Drone" Knowledge Training

Necessary for using your drone for commercial benefits. Current drone 107 rules and regulations. Including 3rd party resources and references.